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Secure Your Home with Resco Premium Security Roller Shutters

Eliminate the risk of crime with our security roller shutters, expertly supplied and installed for your peace of mind.
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Your Defence Against Crime, Installed with Care

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Real Homes, Real Security with Resco Shutters

"We had our entire house 18 shutters great product full protection 100% safe security, complete shut down no sun light glare, noise reduction by 75% in fact I would say even more it is a must for every house in Sydney to have these shutters. Easy to operate excellent steel product."
Janani G.
Security Roller Shutters Sydney
"We had security roller shutters installed throughout the house in 17 windows. It’s been more than a month, and we are pleased with the shutters - which are very functional in stopping the heat very efficiently and securing the home. Thanks, Resco Shutters. We will use you again in future in a heartbeat."
Suprim T.
Why Resco?
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Maximise Your Safety and Privacy with Security Shutters

Enhanced Home Security
Privacy Control
Weather Protection
Energy Efficiency
Noise Reduction
Increased Property Value
Enhanced Home Security
Our security roller shutters are built tough to keep your family and assets protected. With high-grade materials and a design that resists tampering and forced entry, you can sleep soundly knowing your home is shielded from potential intruders.
Privacy Control
Adjust the shutters to your liking and block out the world whenever you need to. Whether you're enjoying family time or seeking solitude, our roller shutters give you the power to control visibility into your home, ensuring your private moments stay private.
Weather Protection
Designed to endure Australia's unique climate, our shutters offer insulation from the scorching summer heat and protection against storm-driven debris. By keeping your home sealed off from extreme temperatures and weather conditions, they help maintain a comfortable indoor environment year-round.
Energy Efficiency
Resco Shutters are not just about security; they're also energy savers. By providing an extra layer of insulation, they help maintain your home's temperature, reducing the need for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, which can lead to significant savings on your energy bills.
Noise Reduction
Live on a busy street? Our shutters help dampen the noise from the outside world, creating a quieter, more peaceful home environment. They're perfect for shift workers, young families, and anyone who values a calm and serene home space.
Increased Property Value
Beyond the immediate benefits, installing high-quality security roller shutters can enhance the overall value of your property. They're a long-term investment that makes your home more attractive to potential buyers, highlighting security and comfort as key selling points.
How it works
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Our Simple 3-Step Process to Home Security

Reach out to us and we'll discuss your security needs. Our experts will help you understand your options and tailor a solution that fits your home perfectly.
Select from a range of styles and features to customise your shutters. We'll guide you through the options to ensure your shutters meet your aesthetic and security requirements.
Our professional team will handle the installation at your convenience, with minimal disruption to your home. We ensure a perfect fit and thorough testing for reliable, long-lasting protection.
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Your Security Shutter Questions Answered

Our security roller shutters are constructed with durable materials designed to resist forced entry, offering a robust barrier between your home and potential intruders.
Absolutely, our shutters are custom-made to fit the precise measurements of your windows and doors, ensuring a perfect fit for maximum security and functionality.
We strive to make installation quick and seamless, scheduling it at your convenience and ensuring our team completes the job with minimal disruption to your day.
Our shutters are designed for durability and ease of use. With occasional cleaning and a quick check for any obstructions, they remain in top condition. We also offer maintenance services to keep them functioning perfectly.
The cost of security roller shutters varies based on size, customisations, and installation requirements. We offer a free, no-obligation quote to give you an accurate price for your specific needs.

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