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Bushfire Roller Shutters Sydney

Bushfire Resistant Shutters Sydney

Fire-resistant shutter systems are designed to withstand high temperatures and strong winds. This type of shutter system protects against fire damage caused by extreme heat and strong winds. They can be used in windows and doors of homes, businesses, and public buildings.

These shutters come in different sizes and shapes to fit any window opening. There are many benefits to installing fire-resistant shutters, including protecting property, reducing insurance premiums, and providing peace of mind.

How can Resco Bushfire Resistant Shutters help?

Our bushfire-resistant roller shutters are an effective protection method for homes during bushfires. They work well because they can roll down like a window blind and lock into place, offering maximum protection.

Bushfires are common during summer and can cause significant damage and loss of life. Bushfire shutters provide protection against flying embers and debris. They are designed to fit over windows and doors and are manufactured locally in Australia.

Are Resco Bushfire Resistant shutters tested to the latest standard?

Recently, a new Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 has been implemented,
detailing minimum standards for building and construction in bushfire areas. This standard is now mandatory in some states of Australia.

We are proud to say we offer the highest quality fire-resistant shutters in the market today. Our BAL-rated fire Shutters are tested to the latest standard.

  • Tested by CSIRO (Report# FSZ1379)
  • Radiant heat shielding properties to 40KW/m2
  • Fully extruded aluminum shutters
  • Suitable for large span windows & doors
  • Protect windows from flying debris & extreme heat radiation
  • Choice of profile colours
  • Completely motorised
  • Remote control options
  • Made in Australia
  • 5 Year Roller Shutter Guarantee

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